RO Digital agency are professionals from Ukraine which work perfectly even during the war

We donate to Ukrainian Army
What we do

What we do

Help Brands design digital and offline products to make products recognizable and useful

Find the most effective marketing solutions for brands

Run Client to Client. Marketing (C2C) with Design and Knowledge about the Target Audience

About us

About us

RO Digital agency is an experienced team, symbiosis of real Creators and Analytics.

We help ukrainians to develop business all over the world and prove they have products which satisfy local and global customers.

Kogut Roman

CEO, participates in the defense.

Udovichenko Andrew

Senior Designer, Art-director

Teteriuk Oleksandra

Deputy CEO, Senior Marketing manager

Morgun Andrew

Senior Web-developer

Our works

Our works

Our services

Our services

  • Market analysis
  • Brand positioning
  • Offline+online marketing strategy

Firstly, we need to understand what your business needs. Our analysis is based on the information from our partner about the company and another part is based on our research. Our task is to know as much as we can about your processes to propose options for developing your business.

  • web-design
  • online product-design
  • offline product-design
  • 3D design
  • UI Design
  • Brandbook
  • Guidelines

Our design is based on your target audience values. We create products to reach the hearts and minds of your customers and make them talk about your brand with colleagues, family and friends. The main part of our design is to find the best solutions, according to your business-needs. It is important for us to show our partner all the facilities which we could reach.

  • Running all the necessary marketing communication channels.
  • promotional product branding
  • offline product branding
  • web development

We pick up info about your target audience and choose the best places and correct “language” to reach it out. Also, we propose to use not just paid Ads like Google, Facebook, Twitter, but collaborations, Content-Marketing and other online and offline necessary tools. Today we need to use all possible and impossible tools to show your brand.