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ball ball



In our portfolio, we showcase stylish and appealing materials specifically designed for the participation of our client, the logistics company OVN, in an exhibition. The primary and secondary brand walls reflect the uniqueness and professionalism of OVN, impressing with their quality execution.

In addition to the brand walls, we made efforts to create details such as a tablecloth for table decoration, ensuring that every element of the OVN stand not only looks attractive but also conveys the importance of trust and reliability of the company.

The starter webpage developed for OVN thoroughly describes all the benefits of collaboration with the company for brokers. This page serves not only as a representative showcase but also highlights the key advantages of OVN’s business.

Furthermore, we prepared two video clips that effectively demonstrate the advantages of partnering with OVN, emphasizing their efficiency, reliability, and innovative approach to solving logistical challenges.

Considering our approach, each detail is implemented to evoke trust and interest from viewers at exhibition events. We take pride in contributing to the success of OVN through our creative and effective approach to developing exhibition materials.